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Testimonials from our valued customers

To Whom It May Concern:

I have recently used the services of D.J.’S Landscaping to remove an oversized tree from my yard, and to install a new lawn for me. I found D.J. to be very professional from start to finish, and a pleasure to deal with.

His written estimate was fair and accurate, and was provided in a very timely manner. They always arrived on time and completed all work in the allotted timeframe. They were very careful and considerate of their surroundings, always cleaning up after their work and leaving the yard as if they had not been there.

I am very happy with the work they have done for me. I would definitely use their services again and would not hesitate to recommend them to others.


Bob Lukarelli


As a customer of yours for the last seven years or so I have seen you grow more than most people. In the beginning I called you my lawnmower and over the years you have grown to be my landscaper. As you know, I designed and did my entire yard on nights and weekends. As an avid golfer, I have nothing else to compare my yard to except for the plush grounds of some of the best golf courses. When people complement my yard I take credit for the flow and original design, but you surely get the credit for the upgrades and upkeep. It took me a long time to allow someone else to handle my yard, but my time is much better spent on the golf course or working than trimming trees and vacuuming up my grass clippings.

If I only had taken some pictures over the years, I could have included them. You have made and implemented some great recommendations over the years. Funny thing is, I have had other landscapers ask me to take picture of my yard for their brochure…..I always say no. Your full service approach (which gets better every year) has been a great plus, I now hate taking care of my yard, you do a better job than I could, I even sold my mowers and trimmers!

I love that you are there when you say you will be and love coming home on Thursdays when it is light out. If you remember, this all started when I said I would pay you more to handle everything and try and stay one step ahead of me with maintenance. Well done! I like your help so much that I even gave one of them a buzz cut when they mentioned they needed a haircut – it was actually very funny! I cut all the kids in my family but buzz cuts only!

In the end, I am glad we met, glad we/you expanded services and glad you have remained fair along the way. If any of your potential customers are looking for a place to see, bring them over and you will have their business.

All my best and thanks,

Matt Rich

To Whom It May Concern:

D.J.’S Landscaping has recently done an extensive landscape and irrigation installation project at my new, recently constructed home in Easton. They handled all aspects of the project from concept, to design & installation.

I painstakingly took the time and effort to interview and price the job out with three different and reputable companies. Not only was D.J.’S the winning bid (approximately $65,000), they offered a further savings based on suggestions they made, as well as passing along discounts from their suppliers!

Throughout the project, DJ worked closely together with me, and were always available for changes and questions, even to the point of walking through the nursery with me to ensure my wife and I chose the plants and trees of our liking. Not only was this a nice courtesy, but it was unexpected because it took him out of their way, and took much longer than I’m sure he wanted it to. I am extremely particular, and can be a bit of a pain to work with, but they were understanding and wonderful. We must have spent half the day looking for the perfect specimens. As I already mentioned, D.J.’S was always more than accommodating.

D.J.’S completed the project in the time frame laid out, and exactly to my specifications and taste. They were more than organized, professional, and their workers were very courteous and respectful. The finished project is beautiful, and the envy of all the homes in the neighborhood. I would strongly recommend DJ, and the rest of the D.J.’S Landscaping team for any future work, and feel compelled to refer them to anyone who inquires.


Jay Rodriguez

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